Dominant Wife Bare Bottom Spanking Pictures

Bare Bottom Spanking Pictures
My husband's been naughty so it's time for a good BARE BOTTOM SPANKING from his WIFE!
Bare Bottom Spanking Pictures "First I SHAME him by dropping his pants and having him face the bed. He might think he's the boss, but when I'm pissed down come his trousers for some REAL marital correction from his wife. ME!"
"Then I take my leather belt to his BARE BOTTOM for some good STROKES. My husband whines and cries like a little boy across his mother's lap but I show NO mercy to a man's bare bottom! He once cried so loud the next door neighbor thought he was being killed, LOL. She was going to call the police BUT when she found out I was just spanking my husband, she laughed!" Bare Bottom Spanking Pictures
Bare Bottom Spanking Pictures "Of course that's just the START of what I have planned for his BUTT! I like to use the hairbrush and paddle TOO. I'm thinking of getting a cane so I can also punish him in the proper English way! I think that would be REALLY fun - having him drop his pants and BEND over in front of the big picture window in our apartment so all the world can see me PUNISH him. I think ALL wives should spank their husbands on a weekly basis. It keeps them IN LINE!"

Watch My Husband's Bare Bottom Spanking Humiliation

Want to see some video of women spanking men on the bare bottom?
It's the RIGHT way to make a man behave, trust me girls, a spanked husband is a GOOD husband!

Punishing Your Husband Is FUN!